"Dr. Schellen's in depth research exceeded my expectations. She provided detailed documentation of my Native American roots that took the mystery out of my family history. Dr. Schellen gave me a gift that I could share with the ones I love, knowledge of our heritage. Thanks to her our children and grandchildren will have stories to treasure forever." S. Briggs


"Dr. Julie Schellen was an absolute God-send for me.   Her love of her job, her kind personality and the perfection in her work shows her character.  She quickly became a team player in my quest.  Dr. Schellen worked very hard to get my DAR application prepared.  We would run into a road block, and sure enough she would go off into another direction to get around the road block.  Not only did she get my DAR application completed and approved, but she also found Ancestors to a couple of other Lineage Societies, including the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.  Even though Dr. Schellen was working on several projects, she always made me feel like mine was the only one!  I honestly don't think I could have done this without her.  My family and I appreciate all that Dr. Schellen was able to give us.  The gift of learning about our family history and the proof needed to join several Lineage Societies.   I am her Number One Fan!"

Toni T.  Grapevine, TX


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"Dr. Schellen went above and beyond my expectations while researching my family history.  My interest started out from mild curiosity, but grew as I learned more about my family.  She not only traced my lineage back with an 8-page family tree, but included exciting information about famous people in my family tree. The narrative included where people were born, how they lived, and died.  This part of the research really brought my family's history to life.  I'm related to Laura Ingalls Wilder!  This research not only opened up great conversations with my family, but allowed me to be accepted into DAR as well as other historical societies.  I appreciated the non-fiction book suggestions that included members of my family.   I have suggested Dr. Schellen to several friends interested in their family history and now have a small group of friends who have found out we are cousins, (one is my 11th cousin twice removed) and have a dinner a few times a year to celebrate.   

Thank you for your professionalism, attention to detail, and thorough research!  You really have brought history alive for our family!" Terri S.